Today Latest Technology News – August 08th 2016

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Apple Watch 2 coming this year with faster processor, GPS, and more

Apple is said to be planning two new models of the Watch for 2016. The bigger upgrade, dubbed “Apple Watch 2″ for now, will reportedly have “the same general design” as the current Watch.

Google’s Self Driving Car Project Is Losing Chris Urmson

Chris Urmsom has worked on the Google Self Driving Car project for the last seven and a half years and now he has announced that he is leaving the project.


Sony Xperia XA Ultra Now Available for Under $300 in USA

The Sony Xperia XA Ultra available in the US market at the end of July at an official price point of $369.99. But today, the official USA model of the Xperia XA Ultra has been cut to under $300 at

It’s Real! China Tests New Bus That Can Actually Drive Over Cars

Engineers in China finally took their innovative Transit Elevated Bus for a test spin in Hebei province this week.

As the photos below show, the bus is designed to straddle roadways, allowing smaller vehicles to pass underneath.