Today Latest Technology News – July 25th 2016

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Modobag: World’s First Motorized, Rideable Luggage!

With modobag you can ride your luggage around the airport. It will get you to your destination 3 times faster than walking. Available from and will be ship to their custommers  in January 2017.

Verizon Plans to Buy Yahoo’s Core Assets For $4.8 Billion

The deal includes Yahoo real estate assets, while some intellectual property is to be sold separately.

Microsoft cut Surface Pro 4 price up to $150 Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update

You can see the original price ($899) on video above and now you can have for $749. Microsoft also slice their Xbox One 500 GB price. The Xbox One official price $299 now you can get it for $249.00 at

Gorilla Glass 5 will Soon Make Your Smartphone Screen a Lot Stronger

Corning has recently unveiled their latest innovation of Gorilla Glass 5. The company claims the glass four times as likely to survive a fall from 1.6 meters.