Today Latest Technology News – July 26th 2016

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New movie screen allows for glasses-free 3D at a larger scale

Good News for 3D movie lovers, a team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science have demonstrated a display that lets audiences watch 3-D films in a movie theater without extra eyewear.

Oculus update preps Rift for room-scale VR, motion controls

The Rift’s Oculus Home software now boasts support for up to four tracking sensors — doubling one of the basic requirements the hardware needs to be used for accurate, room-scale virtual reality.

Audi CEO claims three new EVs are coming by 2020

Stadler told Heilbronner Stimme that Audi should have three electric vehicles in its lineup by 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Iris Scanner Setup Leaked, Long List Of Limitations Revealed

In the lock screen and security settings you can see there is a new option below Fingerprints called Irises. The disclaimer runs through the limitations of the iris unlock feature which is dishearteningly

AMD’s new SSG Technology blends an SSD with a GPU?!

You can never have enough memory on a professional graphics card, AMD officials said before announcing the company’s next big thing at the SIGGRAPH conference on Monday night. Using what AMD dubbed SSG Technology, or Solid State Graphics Technology, the company will graft high-speed NAND memory to its upcoming line of professional GPUs.