Today Latest Technology News – July 28th 2016

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RoVa4D Full Colour Blending 3D Printer

3D printing using different colours on the same object can be a little tricky on some 3D printing systems. But a new 3D printer created by ORD Solutions called the RoVa4D has been specifically built to provide an easy and affordable way to create objects by blended filament colours to create a wealth of different colour options.

Apple Watch 2 May Launch This Fall

Although the second-generation Apple Watch is estimated to be unveiled in September or October, related supply chain is seeing rather conservative orders for the device.

New solar-powered machine converts urine into beer

“We call it from sewer to brewer,” say the creators of a solar-powered machine that turns urine into beer. Belgian scientists hope to expand the technology to remote areas needing off-the-grid methods for creating drinkable water, but not before asking festival goers to #peeforscience and a truly unique brew.

Shinola Rambler 600 Watch

he Rambler 600 is an icon of American resolve. Created to celebrate Breedlove’s calculated resolve and commitment to speed, The Rambler 600 is built from titanium light enough to achieve high speeds and tough enough to withstand them. Rambler 600 is now available to purchase priced $1,325.