Top 10 Electric Bikes To Buy in 2016

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Here are top 10 Electric bikes you can buy in 2016.

10. MXUS 3000W Fat Bike

The MXUS Fat Bike motoris a 6T (6.0Kv) winding. At 48V, top speed will be approximately 25 MPH, and at 72V, top speed will be about 35 MPH.


  • 48V to 95V Capable (12S-22S Lithium)
  • Regenerative Braking
  • 170mm between the axle flats and longer overall axle made just for fat bikes.

Price: $ 849.95

9. Sondors eBike

Over sand, snow, mud, or asphalt, Sondors delivers the biggest bang for your eBike buck. It’s durable, affordable, and ready for your next adventure.

Sondors Electric Bike that has been created by Storm Sondors and is available to back with prices starting from just $499

Available at

8. Vela Electric Bicycle

Vella has merged the simplicity of the bicycle with high-tech components for the daily commuter. Available in four colors options: Red Wine, Vanilla Cream, High Blue Sky and Brazilian Green.

A high-torque electric qngine on the rear wheel provide speeds up to 20 miles per hour at 350 watts of power. The bike has a remote control, a lock security system and GPS tracker that can be access online.

Available at

7. Biktrix Juggernaut

Biktrix produces high quality electric bikes and accessories at market-leading prices. Each model has been handcrafted to give bikers true freedom. Take to the open road, or cross terrain which would be impossible on a normal bike. Biktrix bikes push the boundaries of what’s possible.

More information visit

6. Gi FlyBike

Gi FlyBike is the first electric bike that folds in one second. This all-in-one electric folding bike offer the modern commuter everything they need and nothing more. This electric folding bicycle syncs with its mobile app. Lights. Locking. Navigation. Sharing. Complete control at your fingertips.

Gi FlyBike electric bike now available for preorder at

5. Riide

Experience the freedom to get where you need to go without traffic, parking, or congestion. Venture further, flatten hills, and love getting there on your Riide electric bike.

40% lighter than the average electric bike, Riide is light enough to pedal and easy to maneuver and store.

More info go here

4. Karmicbikes

Karmic Bikes is not just an ordinary bike. It’s the ultimate hybrid. The pedal assist is simple and intuitive. You can go further and faster without sweating up a storm. With its modern design and latest in battery technology you can get around city that you love.

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3. Horizon Electric Vehicle

Horizon is all terrain electric vehicle that can reached high speed up to 25 MPH. The base model comes standard with one battery pack totaling 1kWh with a range of 25-40 miles per charge, and the option of adding up to 3 more modular battery packs for an astounding 100-160 miles of range.

The Horizon was designed from the ground up to be modular. That means you can pick which adaptive components work for you and leave out the others to create the perfect ride for you.

More information about horizon electric vehicle go here

2. Shockebikes – Spark

Bicycles have been the most reliable form of transport for over 130 years, and nothing came close to their value proposition. Until now. Spark electric bicycles build on that timeless design and complement it with an intelligent pedal assist system, all without breaking the bank.

Best of all, Shockebikes use only high quality components, giving you unparalled quality at an affordable price.

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1. A-Bike Electric

A-bike electric is the smallest, lightest, folding electric bike on the market. Suitable for any journey. Thanks to its hop off and hop on design. The bike can be pedaled or run with electric, means you can go further, faster and no sweat! Foldable design make it easy to store at home and the office. A perfect bike while on the go.

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