Top 10 Kids Costume For Halloween 2016

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Choosing perfect Kids Costume can be difficult. We are here to help by made it easy for you with our list of the Top 10 Kids Costumes for 2016! The costume list are for boy’s and girl’s including a couple of superheroes, a few movie hits and a classic princess. Are you ready? Take a look at our choice for the Top 10 Kids Costumes for Halloween 2016.


1. Boy’s TMNT2 Raphael Deluxe Costume

From the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie sequel Out of The Shadows comes this great new deluxe costume for your child to use to dress up as Raphael!

Price: $ 39.99


2. Girl’s Disney Jasmine Costume

Take a magic carpet ride! From the Disney classic Aladdin comes this great new Jasmine costume that your favorite little princess is sure to enjoy.

Price: $ 29.99


3. Boy’s Star Wars Kylo Ren Costume

This is an officially licensed Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens costume. Lightsaber is not included.

Price: $ 34.99


4. Girl’s Isle Of Lost Mal Costume

The daugher of Disney Villain, Maleficient! This natural born leader enjoys casting spells!

Price: $ 34.99


5. Boy’s Blue Spartan Muscle Costume

This Spartan-II is part of the Naval Special Warfare Command unit.

Price: $ 48.99


6. Girl’s Calico Cat Kigarumi Funsie

Perfect for your own little kitty cat! For party or pajamas!

Price: $ 46.99


7. Boy’s Lego Nexo Knights Clay Costume

Playing with Lego’s is cool again and nothing is cooler than the new TV show presented by Legos called Nexo Knights!

Price: $ 65.99


8. Girl’s Shopkins Strawberry Kiss Costume

Your little girl can look just like her favorite Shopkin! Strawberry Kiss is a day dreamer with a huge imagination and often away with the fairies!

Price: $ 33.99


9. Boy’s Armored Batman Costume

Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice costume for boy.

Price: $ 42.99


10. Girl’s Wonder Woman Costume

Fight crime as the beautiful Amazonian princess.

Price: $ 62.99