Top 5 Bike Inventions You Must Have

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If you love riding a bike, you should not left behind the latest inventions of bike technology. These new technology will change your experience on riding your bike. Here are the top 5 bike inventions you must have.

1. Livall Helmet

For cycling fans safety always comes first so you need a smart riding system. Livall is the most powerful and smart helmet created and designed by a group of cyclists who have enormous passion for cycling. This small helmet will give you a comfortable safe and smart riding experience you’ve been looking for. More info go to

2. CTRL Eyewear

What the specialty with this device?

  1. CTRL Eyewear is the world’s fastest tint changing eyewear, it changing within 0,1 second.
  2. The smartest LCD Tint Changing glasses this means we have entered new optical revolution era.
  3. This unique eyeglasses is developed for the US Special Forces and now it is available for you.

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3. The Switch Aero System by Redshift Sports

The Switch Aero System lets you switch effortlessly between road and aero positions as you ride.

Redshift’s Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost give you the speed and efficiency of a true aero position, without sacrificing the nimble handling and comfort of your normal road setup.

The Quick-Release Aerobars attach or remove the aerobars in seconds, without using any tools. The patent-pending quick-release dovetail clamp locks the aerobars securely in the same position every time.
More detail go to their official site at

4. Lanesight – We’ve Got Your Back

The LaneSight® System is the FIRST and ONLY comprehensive cycling safety system to ever be developed. LaneSight® allows you to “Detect. Alert. Avoid. Record.” No other singular device on the market offers all of these features. With LaneSight® you can ride with piece of mind knowing “We’ve got your back”.

5. Smarthalo System

Smarthalo System turn your bike into smart bike. With Smarthalo you can pairs with your smartphone to bring your biking experience to a new level. SmartHalo is not just another bike accessory, it installs permanently and is built to resist the harshest cities. Technology shouldn’t be complicated. SmartHalo has been designed to let you focus on what really matters: your ride.

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