Top 7 Wonderful Solar Powered Creations

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Check out these seven wonderful solar powered creations

7. Volvo’s Innovative Solar Powered Charging Pavilion

The “PURE Tension” Volvo Pavilion was a collaborative effort between Synthesis Design + Architecture (SDA), Buro Happold (BH), and Fabric Images. The design began as a concept, commissioned by Volvo Car Italia to showcase the new Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid. The purpose- to create a lightweight, rapidly deployable, tensioned membrane structure that would act as a portable charging station, fitting within the trunk of the car.

6. MS Tûranor PlanetSolar

The MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, built in Kiel, Germany, is a catamaran powered exclusively by solar energy. It is covered with 537 m2 of photovoltaic panels. After two years of design and construction, MS Tûranor PlanetSolar is behind many technological advances, especially in the field of composite manufacturing and storage of solar energy. The expedition was supported by PlanetSolar SA and private partners, such as the Swiss watchmaker Candino and German specialist in energy management Immosolar, but also by public institutions, including the Swiss Confederation, with “Presence Suisse”. Moreover, PlanetSolar uses weather forecasts offered by MeteoFrance. An innovative routing software has been developed specifically for this expedition thanks to the support of the HEIG-VD in Yverdon-les-Bains and the French firm ADRENA.

5. The world’s first solar powered balloon flight

The world’s first successful fully-certified solar hybrid balloon was unveiled at the Tribute Bristol International Balloon Fiesta and took its maiden flight on the 6th of August 2015 to mark to Bristol’s status as the UK’s first European Green Capital.

The balloon designed and manufactured by Cameron Balloons, is the first solar-powered certified lighter-than-air hybrid aerostat in the world. The black and silver superlight weight fabric, 150,000cu.ft. balloon is a hybrid aircraft, partially powered by the sun and partially powered by a conventional hot-air propane burner, an eye-catching and simple demonstration of the power of the sun.

4. GoSun Grill – Breakthrough Solar Oven that Cooks at Night

The GoSun Grill is a fuel-free cooker, making a meal for eight as fast as a grill, but without the need to monitor your food or clean up the mess.

  • No Carbon Crud: No dirty fuel makes transportation easy and cleanup a breeze
  • Delicious + Nutritious: Cooking evenly from 360 degrees, and retaining your food’s moisture, you will taste the difference
  • Goes Everywhere: Deck, boat, park, beach or kitchen, simply fold down the reflectors and go, even while cooking
  • Even At Night: Store the heat of the Sun to cook any time with our patent pending phase change Thermal Battery

Gosun products now available at

3. Solar reserve

Solar reserve benefits:

  • No requirement for natural gas or oil back up – completely emission free
  • Progresses U.S. clean energy technology with the industry’s most advanced energy storage project
  • Energy storage provides a firm, reliable electricity product on-demand, day and night
  • Helps meet growing demand for clean, renewable energy sources
  • Significantly reduces the use of water for cooling by using an efficient, low-water hybrid cooling system

2. Solar Impulse

12 years of research and development, to develop an aircraft powered by dozens of environmentally friendly products and processes built with our partners. These technologies are opening up new industrial markets and offering an opportunity for economic development, job creation and profit.

1. Rawlemon Solar – New Betaray Crystal Ball Harvests Light From The Sun, Moon and Clouds!

The initial globe design harvested up to 70% more solar energy than photovoltaic panels by using dual axis tracking. The sphere can be used to harvest sunlight for electricity or thermal energy, it can be fully integrated into the walls or ceilings of a building, and it suffers no weather impact. And, because it’s basically just a big crystal ball, it guarantees at least 99 percent transparency. Source: