Truly Ergonomic TEC209 Mechanical Keyboard

In Computer accessory


Truly Ergonomic the Japanese peripherals manufacturer has back with introducing its latest product called TEC209 (Truly Ergonomic 209). It is a mechanical keyboard with an English – QWERTY layout. This new keyboard has 209 keys which use Cherry MX Brown mechanical switch to provide good tactile feedback, and offer up to 20 million keystrokes.


The TEC209 keyboard come in unique design. This keyboard has been splitting the alphabet key section into two halves, each section has its own space bar (short type). This keyboard support N-key rollover that allowed you to press the keys simultaneously without failing input entirely. Between the two alphabet section lies a row of function keys (Del, enter, tab and other formatting buttons).


The TEC209 mechanical keyboard currently available in Japan’s market from Truly Ergonomic for the price of 19.800 Yen or around $235 or about 177.35 Euro.