Txtr Beagle the World’s Smallest and Cheapest e-Reader

In Digital Gadgets


A new rival for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader has born. It’s called Beagle from txtr. This new e-reader is claimed as the world’s lightest and smallest e-book reader. It comes with 5-inch E Ink display with 8-levels gray scale and 800 x 600 pixels resolution.

The Beagle is designed for reading digital books only. If you are a person who wants an easy-to-use, stylish, light device with excellent display performance for reading, this e-reader will be a perfect option for you. This 5-inch e-reader with weights just 128 grams, which make it easily fit in your pocket and handbag.


The Beagle e-reader comes with 4GB on-board that can be loaded up to five books. It has a red and blue color LED on the front side to indicate the Bluetooth state and battery power state. This e-reader is powered by two AAA batteries that enable you to read 12 to 15 books.

The device can be personalized with back-covers in four vivid fashionable colors to fit your personal taste such as jade green, grapefruit, purple and turquoise colors. The Beagle e-reader expected to sell for under Euro 10 or around $13 when hit the market.