Ubiquitous Introduces iRemoTap the Power Strip With Wireless LAN

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The Japanese based company, Ubiquitous has introduced their latest power strip called iRemoTap at Embedded Systems Expo. The iRemoTap power strip comes with a built-in wireless LAN. With the wireless capability this device allow you to track the energy consumption of this device via your PC or your mobile phone in real time and it also allow you to turn the power strip on/off remotely from outside of your home.


The iRemoTap also come with an ability to send you a tweet or text as a reminder if the device has been running for too long, so you can take your action. Unfortunately, iRemoTap is just a prototype. However, Ubiquitous and its partners has planning to investigate the future development possibilities. If the iRemoTap available in the future it will cost you under 10,000 Yen or under $122.11.

[ Via diginfo ]