Uniden MHS75 VHF Waterproof Two-way Marine Radio

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If you want to keep up to date with all latest marine activity, including all USA, International, and Canadian marine channels, Uniden MHS75 VHF Waterproof two-way marine radio is the right options for you. This radio also supports all NOAA weather channels.

The MHS75 comes with an emergency / weather alert that functions as weather warning radio. This device will also tell you any local or national emergencies. When the alert feature is turned on, the radio sound an alert tone, and then you will hear the emergency/weather broadcast.

Uniden MHS75 VHF Waterproof marine radio comes with dual, triple, and quad watch modes, that allowed you to monitor up to two Coast Guard Distress/Hailing channels and one weather channel along with one regular marine channel. The Triple Watch mode, monitors channels 16 and 9 activities for every two seconds while you are listening to the currently selected channel.

The Uniden MHS75 VHF Waterproof marine radio resistant to Whitecap splash, gusty spray, and tidal wave. It comes in floating design and submersible for up to 30 minutes at five feet. This marine radio comes with an easy to read backlit LCD display and backlit keypad, which allows you to use it during the day or night.

If you need Uniden MHS75 VHF waterproof two-way marine radio, you can buy it from Amazon.com for $86.85.