USB Toaster Hub and ThumbDrive

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If you are looking for a unique USB Hub, USB Toaster Hub and Thumb drive should be on your list. Overall, the USB Hub comes in a Bread Toaster design. It has four USB ports for plug your thumb drives, and it also has an SD Card slot that can be acted as a card reader.


The USB Toaster Hub and Thumb drive come with four unique pieces of USB thumb drive that called memorytoast. It comes in four-color option with four variations, the BUTTA (yellow), CRISP (brown), RY RY (tan), and TATO (white). All these thumb drive available in 4GB storage space. The USB Hub offers data-transfer speed up to 480mbps, and the Hub is compatible with your own thumb drive.


The USB Toaster Hub is perfect as a gift for your friends. If you need one, you can buy it from for $27.99, while the thumb drive is sold separately with price at $24.99 each.

Also available at: (USB Hub for $19.99 while 8Gb USB (crisp $24.99,  tato $14.99) pre-order only ($17.99 for the USB HUB and $12.99 for 8Gb USB  )