Vandalism Proof Metal Housing Video Door Phone

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If your door phone endured vandalism, you may try a new product from ChinaVasion, a Metal Housing Video door phone. It is a vandalism proof metal video door phone that utilizes almost indestructible metal housing to protect its door phone. Another benefit of using this wireless door phone is, it’s equipped with night vision that allowed you to view and identify the outdoor visitor both day time and night time on a large 7-inch monitor.



The Metal Guardian is easily installed and a truly effective one step security solution. Just a couple of minutes are needed to attach this door phone to the wall and you are all set up! If you want to control your electronic door, that’s easy too. Simply connect the red wire to the positive terminal of your electronic door lock and the black wire to the negative terminal. Then whenever you press the Unlock button, your door will unlock to allows guest in. More importantly, this metal door phone is a universal intercom system and is compatible with most electronic door systems.


If you need one, you can purchase directly from ChinaVasion for only $139.97.