Versace Luxury Mobile Phone

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Versace has colaborate with ModeLabs Group to develop a unique luxury mobile phone, this new phone is based on LG’s touchscreen multimedia technology with sapphire crystal screen. The Versace Unique is crafted from the finest materials, hand-assembled in France.


The Versace unique luxury mobile phone features a 5 megapixel camera, The face is constructed from pure high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquers delicately framed with an 18K yellow gold finish or 316L grade stainless steel inlay. The back is wrapped in the finest handcrafted leather, embossed with the Medusa head.


It also supports 3G network, client e-mail, media player, netbook, dolby mobile surround sound technology for high quality in ringtones, 3G connectivity, MP3 music files and video with 30 hours of playtime. This unique luxury mobile phone available in Black, Purple, Brown and Pink.


There is no word on pricing and availability.

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