Waterproof Mobile Phone

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KDDI, Okinawa Cellular will be very soon carry out their new generation mobile phone . On this new Mobile phone you will find out its already been enhanced with waterproof ability, and if you want to recharge the battery you don’t have  to looking for the charger or a place to connect the charger. What you have to do is  just place your cell phone direct to the sunlight and its will recharge automatically. For placing  up to 10 minutes direct to sunlight you can used for 1 minutes comunication or 2 hours standby mode. The maximum capacity of solar power unit to be charged to 80% by the normal power supply can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

The World’s first  waterproof solar panels will be Manufactur by Sharp Corporation as the 2009 product line-up of the summer of 2009 and was scheduled to release on June 2009.

This waterproof cell phone they call “AU Green Road Project” in this project they already commitment to promote global environmental protection, a proactive and environmentally-friendly and continues throughout the company. This project has begin on February 1,2009 at ” AU smart Sport” and will end on April 2009.

As the environmental and social activities with our customers “Green Road Project” to continue with new environmental protection projects, will continue in the future plans. KDDI, Okinawa Cellular will continue to promote activities aimed at both corporate and environmental protection services.

[ Via kddi, akihabaranews ]