Wellbox Body Optimizer Machine

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Wellbox is a body optimizer machine that safety and painlessly smoothes and tightens dimpled skin cause by cellulite. This machine comes with five interchangeable treatment heads of different widths for smoothing and tightening all skin types. This device can be used elsewhere on your body, including the delicate areas around the eyelid, lip, and neck.

Wellbox features Cellulite action to reduced cellulite and volume in treated areas, firming action for targeting sagging skin and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, smoothing action for softening the skin and improve suppleness, while circulatory action to improve local circulation, the complexion, and the softness of the skin, as well as to improve the circulation of your blood. The relaxation and wellness action is used for release muscle tension and eliminate soreness.


Wellbox comes with several buttons to control this machine, such as the power button to select the power level by press on – or +, Rhythm button to select from four treatment programs (No rhythm, slow rhythm, medium rhythm, fast rhythm), Time button for setting your desire session duration, Lift Technique button, Roll Up Technique button, and ON/OFF button for ending the treatment session.


Wellbox also comes with a main power cord, 100-240VAC/60Hz input – 24 VCD output, four adapters to allow the Wellbox to be used anywhere in the world, a head connection hose, power supply, two (2) removal tools for the Lift heads, a set of 20 spare filters, and a box of cleaning wipes with an antiseptic, bactericidal and fungicidal solution.

If you need one, you can buy it directly from Wellbox for 835.28 Euros or from Amazon.com for $1,499.