Western Digital Shipping Their Caviar Green 3TB Internal SATA Hard Drive

In Computer accessory
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It appears Western Digital has set off their 3TB internal hard drive to the market trying to beat Seagate out of the competition. The have launched their 3TB external, so it’s time for their internal HDD offering to appear as well.

The one that made into the market is WDC’s Caviar Green 3TB model, which practically consume less energy when comparing to its competitors’ hard drive.

It’s all thanks to the WD GreenPower Technology, which has enable the HDD to operate in lower temperatures setting and decreasing noises while increasing the reliability. It’s not only 3TB that made to the market, you can also find the 2.5TB as well.

Both of these Western Digital Caviar Green hard drives are priced at $189 (2.5TB) and $239 (3TB).

[via Electronista]