Which Top 7 Android Apps You Need To Download?

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Ok guys, what top 7 Android Apps you need to download for your android smartphone? Check it out at list below. Here are the list of 7 best android apps for your phone.

1. Climendo Forecast

Climendo Forecast is a weather app, allow you to check or help you to predict the weather before you are going out to beach, cinema, mall and etc. This app let you to view daily forecasts hourly as well as your weekly overall forecast. The great thing about this weather app, you can click on the forecast and view a bunch of different predictions from different weather providers.

Download Climendo apps

2. App Lock

This app allow you to lock apps on your device including stock apps using a fingerprint or passcode or pattern lock. All you have to do is scroll through to the list and take whichever apps you like to lock. So when you go over to your app, it will actually be locked and you’ll actually need a way of bypassing the security either by fingerprint pattern lock or an actual passcode.

Download App Lock

3. Torchie
This app is really convenient for when you want to turn on your flashlight because not every phone have a kind of an option like the iPhone has. When you swipe up and turn on the flashlight. This one will allow you instantly switch on the flashlight by holding both volume buttons / keys together!

Download Torchie – Volume Button Torch

4. App Cloner
This one basically clones an app on your phone and you can create and install multiple copies of your existing apps. App cloner can be useful to simultaneously use multiple logins in apps such as Facebook, Skype or Twitter.

Download App Cloner.