WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker for $79.99

by Kevin Xu

in Audio Gadgets


If you are looking for an innovative, pocket-sized, rechargeable speaker with budget under $80, WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker will be the right option. This Portable Speaker is design for pairing with your mobile devices, including iPad, iPod, laptops, iPhone, netbooks, iPad, mobile phones, MP3 players, GameBoy and PSP.


WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker can be connected to your portable devices using standard 3.5mm audio jack, and  it uses a hybrid technology of a standard speakers for delivering the mid to high frequencies, and a SFX Gel Audio driver delivering low end Bass frequencies.

WOWee has boasted it can play up to 20 hours of music from one charge on its lithium ion rechargeable battery. The WOWee One speaker is available in Black, Black/Chrome, White/Chrome, and Pink/White. WOWee One Power Bass Portable Speaker can be
purchased for $79.99.

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Ruta January 28, 2011 at 6:35 am

I got my WOWee one a week ago. it’s amazing. sound quality is unbeatable. and they sent me a free hardcase as i bought it through WOWee One Facebook page

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