Xispa Introduces Eco-friendly Electric Motorbike for Kids

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If you are looking for an eco-friendly motorbike for your kids, you may consider a new electric motorbike from Spain electric  motorbike manufacturer called Xispa E 25. This new electric bike is designed specially to suit kid’s body height, and it offers fun and easy to drive.


Xispa E 25 Electric Motorbike powered by LiFePo4 or lithium polymer battery that capable of generating power of 350W, and peak power of 1000W and a horsepower of 1.4HP which can provide up to 2 to 3 hours of operating time in single charge. This motorbike chassis is made of steel perimetal frame. It’s equipped with an electric clutch, 28mm tele-hydraulic EBR suspension system, nifo disc brakes, aluminum swingarm and an 800-mm wheelbase.


Xispa E 25 Electric Motorbike size is a 1.2- x .58-meter (LxW), with seat height of 480mm, which is designed for kids with body weight of 25kg or less. Beside E 25 electric motorbike, it also available in three other models include Xispa 250, XPA 280 R and EnduCross E 10.


Unfortunately, there is no word on pricing and the arrival time of these models. For further information about this electric vehicle, you could contact Xispa at info@xispa.es or visit their site at Xispa.es.