Ziiiro Gravity and Mercury Provide New Ways for Reading Your Time

In Watch Gadgets
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Ziiiro’s Gravity and Mercury is another watch concept? No, both of the watch are real. If you are interested you can place an order right now, however due to Christmas and New year, items ordered after 23 Dec 2010 will be shipped starting from 02 Jan 2010.


The Gravity and Mercury watches come in a simple way of reading the time, it using a continuously rotating combination of two rings, one is the outer ring represents the minutes, and the inner ring display for minutes.


Ziiiro Gravity available in six color includes snow white, snow magenta, snow green, black ocean, black red, and banana, while the Mercury available in four color Chrome magenta, Chrome ocean, black magenta, and black ocean. The Ziiiro Gravity snow white and banana are sold for 110 Euro while the rest of gravity are sold for 120 Euro or about $158. The Ziiiro Mercury are sold for 149 Euro or about $196.

[ Via geekalerts, ziiro ]