Zune HD Media Player Update 4.3 Firmware

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Microsoft’s Tegra-Powered Zune HD Media Player has update it firmware. So the Zune HD user should be able to download the latest firmware now. The updated firmware already add support for the upcoming 3D games and applications, an auto-suggest feature for better text input and minor improvements.

The new features in Zune HD 4.3 Firmware such as a Support for the upcoming 3D games and applications, an Auto Suggest feature for text input, Faster web browsing experience, a Landscape keyboard, a Keyboard option has been added in the settings section, a new toggle between seek and presets under Radio, Under the Internet in settings, you can now toggle to default mobile or desktop webpage layout, an Artists bios are updated; embedded links to other artists in text and Other bug fixes. For more information visit zune.net.

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